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Script Lab: Sınaqtan Ötkiziñiz

Kazakh 2 Qazaq

There are so many Kazakh latin alphabet plans in the Internet. One of them even got the parliamentary hearings in September, 2017. It consists of 25 letters and 8 digraphs (ae oe ue ng gh ch sh zh). This plan was presented by by Erbol Tleshov, director of the Republican Coordination and Methodological Center for the Development of Languages in Kazakhstan.
To test out Tleshov’s alphabet, I created a script which can convert the Kazakh Cyrillic to his alphabet. It is always good to have a test for a lenghty text, then you can have a good picture about usefulness of the the alphabet. In my opinion presenting just few example are not enough. By testing out a chunk of long text, you can not only test effectiveness and practicallity of the proposed alphabet, but also test the typographical features and aesthetics of the script, these parts are mostly ignored by some technocrats.
There, you also find an alternative plan, I introduced, in which 3 digraph vowels are replaced with umlauted vowels (ä ö ü). So you can do some experiments to compare both alphabets by converting some text.
Here is the link or you can find it in the menu bar of this site.
Script Lab: Sınaqtan Ötkiziñiz

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